Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Got Plants That Aren't Quite Ready For The Summer Sun?

Now that Summer is here in Southern Nevada, so is the heat.  My agave out by the West fence were doing pretty well until the temps started spiking up to 110 sometimes even 116.  They were getting some partial shade from the shade slats that I installed (see previous blog posts) but it wasn't enough anymore.  The leaves on my variegated agave, which normally roll up in Summer, were also starting to turn white as were some of the leaves of the hedgehog agave (shown here).  Meanwhile, the agave that are still getting partial shade from an ash tree are doing just fine. 

My solution?  Make shade for the other agave.  These milk crates make nice little pergolas.  Just to make sure, I also put a dish cloth weighted down with a chunk of concrete (we get some good wind here).  We'll see how these agave recover from gettin' too many rays with the heat and low humidity (below 10%) that we have right now. 

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